Do you remember those vibrantly colored dolphins and unicorns adorning what seemed to be every single girl’s folders and Trapper Keepers back in 80’s and 90’s? Sure you do. That stuff was everywhere! Whether in the form of multitudinous rainbow penguin stickers stuck to bedroom doors or backpacks, pencil cases, posters and even luggage covered in all manner of neon soaked wildlife, the artwork found on Lisa Frank‘s products defined a decade. So now that we’ve refreshed our nostalgic grade school memories of her ubiquitous merchandise, have you ever wondered about the actual person – Lisa Frank? If the answer is yes, and you have in the past, you would have noticed that there isn’t much to find out about her. The somewhat enigmatic Lisa Frank has remained out of the limelight despite her raving success by maintaining a strict adherence to privacy (even her Wikipedia page is but a couple bones of information). So to you, who have wanted to listen to Lisa Frank and see her (her silhouette anyway), found here is a short interview by Urban Outfitters (whom is buying up her vintage stock…interesting) giving us a peek into the wonderfully colorful world she has created.

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