Quick Tips for A Memorable Memorial Day Campaign


Many marketers are just beginning to launch their Memorial Day advertising campaigns, flooding inboxes across the nation with promises of low prices, buy one, get one specials and early bird, in-store specials. Others take a more relaxed approach, waiting until the weekend to send their clients and patrons a general greeting or warm Memorial Day salutation. Regardless of how you choose to reach your market, Memorial Day is a great time to leverage short-term promotional tactics to increase sales during the Holiday, even if it’s only a weekend. And even if you haven’t been carefully planning your Memorial Day campaign since a week before Easter, last minute marketers can find some calm knowing that creating buzz is even easier when you think outside the box.

1.Run A Social Media Contest

Social media contests are a great way to engage customers and support short-term sales goals, and many are easier than ever to execute. An Instagram reposting contest is quite possibly one of the easiest solutions, with sites such as RandomPicker making the task even less of a chore. Other social media outlets have customizable contest platforms that can also be used. Creative, cost-effective Facebook and Twitter contest can easily be created using tools like Binkd.

2. Print a “Locals Only” Flyer for distribution

Run a shop, store, restaurant or kiosk? With today’s quick turn-around times, many small-run print jobs can be completed in around three days, giving last minute marketers all the time they need to get printed collateral in hand. These flyers or cards can be made specifically to target visitors or shoppers already in the area, offering them an exclusive one-time-only deal that gets them in the door.

3. Be Seasonal in Your Images

Sure, for most Floridians, such a thing as Winter is more myth than reality, but for companies based in the North and online retailers, its important to remember that Memorial Day marks the start of Summer for many that have been cooped up inside for months. Bright, vivid imagery is a welcome change from the drab of Winter.

4. Be Mobile

Because Memorial Day is a the start of Summer, it’s also a time when families and friends get together. With many people traveling the weekend, it’s smart to make your email campaigns mobile responsive to mobile devices, and easy to digest. Extending sales and specials through the weekend and into the next week is also helpful, since it provides customers time to get back to their lives.




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