Amazingly, an almost perfectly intact skeleton of a baby dinosaur was unearthed near Alberta, Canada in Dinosaur Provincial Park. Excavators say the baby Chasmosaurus belli was about three years old when it died. The skeleton was so intact that they were even able to postulate about the cause of its death.

Since it had managed to remain so well preserved, was found in an area that used to be under water, and showed no signs of bite marks or injuries, it is believed that the baby fossil wondered into a lake millions of years ago and drowned. Naturally, the paleontology community is very excited about this find. It is very rare to find a baby dinosaur fossil because they were much more likely to be eaten or trampled so there aren’t very many to study from. This one was only missing its forelimbs, which were taken by a sinkhole that opened up underneath the skeleton many years ago.

The Chasmosaurus was a horned, plant-eating dinosaur from the ceratopsid family, a group that also included the Triceratops. Like the triceratops, they are characterized by the frill around their neck, which coincidentally, was the first bone the diggers uncovered, at first mistaking it for a turtle shell.



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