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Advertisers and agencies will do anything to grab the attention of their consumers. True to form and ever-evolving, the latest trend in the advertising world is called “prankvertising”, where the goal is to create a memorable experience for the audience by scaring the crap out of them (or playing some kind of trick). The victims then tell all their friends and family of their experience, providing the brand with the best kind of marketing: word-of-mouth.

In this recent prankvertisement, Brazilian variety show host, Silvio Santos stages a prank to publicize a new, straight-to-DVD sequel to the Child’s Play franchise, The Curse of Chucky. With the consent of Universal Studios, the prank features a little person dressed as the Chucky doll who hides in a promotional display box at a bus stop at night. Once the unsuspecting patrons arrive at the stop, the lights begin to flicker and the fake Chucky breaks through the glass box and runs after them with a knife. The people (both children and adults) run away screaming, completely terrified.

If you like that one, check out this prankvertisement that Thinkmodo did for MGM Studios in a New York City coffee shop to promote the recent Carrie remake. 


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