Playing Dress Up: A Photographer Gives Her Daughter Real Life Role Models


Coco Chanel

There may not be a kid alive that doesn’t love to dress up and play make-believe. The beauty of being a child is the power of letting your imagination transport to magical places or allow you to embody special characters you otherwise never could. Photographer, Jaime C. Moore, appreciates this and while she sees nothing wrong with wanting to be a princess or a fairy, she also wanted her daughter to have some real role models to aspire to.

So when her daughter’s fifth birthday came around and Moore was searching for wardrobe ideas for her little girl’s birthday photos, she decided to dress her up as real-life heroines from throughout history. The photos are beautiful and inspiring, reminding us that real women are capable of magic, too.

You can read the full story here. Special thanks to Upworthy for leading us to the post.


Susan B. Anthony


Amelia Earhart


Helen Keller


Jane Goodall


Moore’s daughter, Emma













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