Pininfarina, the masterful design collective responsible for some of the most fetching designs for such iconic car manufacturers including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Maserati is now embarking on a quest to enter the realm of interior and exterior architectural design with the Ferra residential condominium in Singapore. The 104 unit tower, able to accommodate 22 stories of residents, is a 102 meter high-rise featuring two different facades, one red, one black. The red accentuating with sumptuous curves and fluidity while the black expresses speed and power melding together to conjure the same feelings inspired by their aforementioned work (especially with Ferrari). The luxurious and lavishly adorned structure will also boast an attractive 14th floor terrace mixing the streamlined exterior facades with leather furnishing, interior wooden cladding as well as some arbor elements that when joined together, adds a contrasting warmth to the sleek, polished exterior. Here, you’ll find a wonderfully detailed piece from designboom.com pertaining to the plans for this beautiful and innovative construction with over 10 concept images and a video interview with Pininfarina CEO, Paolo Pininfarina.

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