Photographer Hunts For Unique Perspective By Abseiling Famous Parisian Structures


Having a strong vantage point, as most know, is paramount when trying to capture an interesting photograph. Even all of us novice level phone-photographers know that. One photographer who probably knows this fact more than most however, is Caracas-born photographer Carlos Ayesta. Snapping photographs from a perspective Spider-Man could (and does) capture, Carlos rappels down the faces of Paris’ most famous structures in a project named “Vertical Visions of La Defense”. With the assistance of his team, Carlos captures truly unique, architectural shots from the point of view that perhaps only high-rise building window washers are accustomed to. He says :

My approach of taking photographs whilst abseiling and from hanging platforms shows the architecture in another dimension, I can take pictures of hidden things. No-one on the ground or on top of the buildings can see what I see

If this death defying approach to architectural photography intrigues you, found here in a great piece found on are several examples of his work as well as a great featurette depicting Carlos doing what he does best. There are even some photographs taken of Carlos as he is working, and they are just as (if not more) amazing.




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