Photographer Captures Couples Over the Course of 30 Years

In 1982, photographer Barbara Davatz began a series of photographs featuring 12 (at the time) young couples. Then, meeting with the same couple again over the course of 30 years, Davatz began a visual catalog of how each of them had changed over the three decades of their relationships.

Expectedly, the images capture the toll that time takes on all of us. In each series image, hairs get grayer as the subjects seem to settle into themselves. Clothing choices change as do hairstyles. However, what these images also capture are the changes in the relationships themselves. In some couples, we see an increasing closeness as they smile more honestly into the camera, while in others, we see children making their way into the images, and even a change in partners.

While the series may seem to have been deliberately thought out, Davitz explained in a conversation with Business Insider that that was never her original plan. “I started [the portraits] in 1982 with initially no intention of continuing the series,” Davatz explained, but over the time, her portraits captured the flux that relationships undergo, but they also allowed her to develop a bond with the subjects she captured.

“I am very fond of them all. I admire and appreciate the courage they’ve shown and their loyalty to the project,” she said. “I am very thankful.”

The entire collection is now collected into a book titled “As Time Goes By” and is currently available on Amazon. You can also see more of the images from this collection here.





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