Philip Lorca-diCorcia’s Hustlers


Much of Lorca-diCorcia’s time during the late 80s and early 90s was spent in the streets. Not that the photographer was homeless by any means, but for Lorca-diCorcia, the streets have a special quality that cannot be reproduced.

In a recent Vice article by controversial photographer Richard Kern, himself famous for his racy subject matter and dark themes, Lorca-diCorcia’s work is explored in the context of the time when it was shot. The article focuses on his Hustler set, a series of portraits of hollywood’s young male prostitutes, who allowed Lorca-diCorcia to shoot them in exchange for a small fee.

The series raised many eyebrows in it’s time, but Kern’s reflection explains it’s true importance, stating that “the Hustler series remains an honest depiction of the loneliness and individuality of young men in Hollywood who sold their time to provide pleasure.”

Check out the story on Lorca-diCorcia written by Kern on Vice, along with some additional photographs of this amazing series.




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