Proving that a good story can be the backbone to any portrait piece, travel photographer Phill Hill gives his photography a new level of social interaction by taking portraits of posters from an Australian Craigslist-styled website called Gumtree. The series pairs a simply shot portrait of the person who placed the listing displayed alongside the post that they made on the website.

The series is called “Classifieds” and Hill created the set by approaching people who he found had posted interesting ads in the community section of the Gumtree website. Hill asks each poster if they would mind posing for a small portrait and then publishes them on his website. In doing so, Hill puts a face to the strange or interesting ads placed, offering a unique peek into each person’s life and interests. Sometimes, the photos are exactly as you expect the person to look, but for the most part, they display a beautiful inconsistency between what we would expect to see based on the text that placed beside them.

The entire series is available for viewing on Hill’s website, which he continues to build.

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