In this recent campaign called Make Them Visible, created by Silver + Partners ad agency and Smuggler production company for the New York City Rescue Mission,  several people posed as vagrants on the streets of SoHo and Tribeca.

The amazing part is that they each came face-to-face with a family member and not one of the participants recognized their “homeless” loved ones.

The ad agency and production company hired random actors to participate in a documentary and then went behind their backs and contacted their families to see if they’d be willing to join in on a social experiment. The actors had no idea they were being set up as their relatives were put on street corners, dressed as homeless people.

Each and every single participant failed to recognize their loved one. They had no idea until they were shown footage of themselves, afterwards, walking right past their mom, aunt, uncle, brother, or wife. The video below shows their reactions.

But before you judge these people, ask yourselves this question: how much do you notice?


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