Flat head syndrome (aka plagiocephaly) is a condition that causes an infant’s head to be misshapen or have a flat spot. It’s often caused by the pressure of passing through the birth canal or by leaving the baby lying on their back for too long, but can usually be corrected with re-positional therapy. In severe cases, however, it may be required to use a custom-fitted helmet to reshape the head.

Unfortunately, when people see a baby with such a helmet, they often react with awkwardness, pity or worry. Here’s where Paula Strawn comes in.

For over 12 years, Strawn has customized corrective helmets for infants all over the country. What started out as a favor for a friend whose granddaughter needed a corrective helmet is now a booming business. Her personalized helmets are fun and inviting and make it easy to have a conversation about the child’s condition. (Plus, they’re so cute!)

The Washington-based artist offers lots of designs to choose from on her website, but also encourages original designs. Her going rate is $30/hour with most pieces falling in the range of 4-7 hours, depending on elaborateness. She typically completes a helmet the same day she gets it, sometimes even mailing it back to the clients that same afternoon.

You can see more of her masterpieces on Strawn’s Facebook page.


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