You change the wallpaper on your laptop, PC, and cellphone all the time, but what about the other walls you see everyday, like your living room, bedroom, and kitchen? While changing the digital wallpaper on your technology might be easy, there are plenty of cool paint ideas available that will take your walls to the next level.

Check out some unique ideas for your walls beyond the regular, old paint and brush.

Heat-activated Paint:

colorhchanging sink

Color changing paint is fairly easy to get your hands on. People have painted walls, cars, and even sinks with this paint. If you’re not in the mood for bringing out the paint brush, wallpapers are available for easier change of scenery. This particular wallpaper brings out flowers, which bloom as the temperature of the room changes.

Moss Graffiti:


Although it’s possible, this paint would probably be too funky to have indoors. However, it would be amazing to have, and a super fun project to do, outdoors. shows you step-by-step instructions on how to create moss graffiti. When applied to a wall, it displays a true freedom of speech, and as one commentator put it, a great “green advertisement.”

Reverse Graffiti:


Let’s face it: Dirt happens. That is why you can come clean AND make art at the same time by applying your own customized artwork via Reverse Graffiti. By using a bleaching agent and scrubbing out your drawing, you can essentially create clean artwork. Just like a graffiti artist uses spray paint, you can use a pressure washer as a method of application to achieve this reverse effect.

Geometric Wall:


Here is a wall design that is simple yet makes you think. This particular geometric wall decorating the Storehouse Cafe in Taupo, New Zealand,  is bold, colorful, and it’s the first thing you notice when entering the room. This geometric wall is an application of carefully mapped out wallpaper that proves geometry can be used to adorn walls beautifully.

Remember, changing your walls doesn’t have to be done with just a bucket of paint and a brush. You can use the above mentioned methods to give the surface that characteristics you want. Since walls cover a good amount of space, it can really reflect what you want in a room. If your desire is to impress your guests, leave them with mind-boggling designs that will surround them during their stay and inspire.

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