Photographer Captures Couples Over the Course of 30 Years

Photographer Barbara Davitz captures photos of 12 couples over 30 years to capture the changing nature of relationships and the fashion of the times.

A Brief History: STICKERS!

What’s one-sided, clingy and a great way to promote any brand at any size? Stickers! Who doesn’t like stickers? The history of stickers begins in the 1700’s in the form of tax stamps, which were used to collect taxes on items. The next phase in the development of our beloved stickers was in the United […]

Next Level Branding Through Presentation Folders

Showcase your brand as well as your products with custom presentation folders.

"Midnight Modern" Photography by Tom Blachford

These Palm Springs home photographed in the moonlight by Tom Blachford for his Midnight Modern series look like beautiful paintings.

How to Use Stickers to Market Your Brand

Stickers are much more than just an easy giveaway, they can also be a great way to create interest and establish your brand.

More Great Summer Flyer Designs

Heat up your summer marketing with these beautiful summer flyer designs.

Font of the Week: Virtual

The Virtual typeface is a linear font that plays with the shapes of letters, and looks like something out of Tron.

Less is More: Minimal Business Card Designs

Minimal designs can still pack an amazing punch, and can help elevate your brand to a higher level. Check out these minimal business card design templates that you can use for your next business card.

3D Paintings That Play Tricks on The Mind

Patrick Hughes’ reverspective 3D artwork will play tricks on your mind as you move around it.

Vacuum Sealed People: The Art of Photographer Hal

Haruhiko Kawaguchi, aka Photographer Hal, asks his subjects to climb into a bag he then vacuums the air out of in order to take their photos.

Summer Advertising Tips and Ideas

Summer is a time for vacation, relaxation and shopping. See how to make the most of your summer campaign and target your audience with appropriately designed, bright and sunny ads.

The Various Uses of Rack Cards

Have cards are among the most cost effective of marketing tools, but they can serve many more purposes.

Pad Printing: The Ultimate in Versatility

Despite the fact that it has been around for some time, pad printing is a little known, but highly versatile printing process.

Font of the Week: Drugs Condensed

The drugs condensed font family is designed for pharmaceutical companies, but its clean, balanced lines make it suitable for just about any use.

NASA's Retro Posters Celebrate the Future of Space Exploration

Nasa’s JPL design studio has created a beautiful series of imaginative retro posters celebrating the future of space travel.