Standout EDDM Mailer Design Templates

EDDM mailer designs require a careful balance of visual appeal and information transfer, and these design templates hit all the marks.

The Remarkable Paper Craft of Raya Sader Bujana

Artist Raya Sader Bujana creates amazing 3D sculptures from paper using architectural techniques.

Make The Most of Summer With EDDM Mailers

EDDM is a great way to reach families at home for the summer. Maximize your efforts with our three simple tips!

Game of Thrones Intro Made out of Paper Cutouts

Italian video and animation Studio Dadomani recreates the Game of Thrones intro using more than 7,000 paper cut outs for a new Moleskine ad.

Tiny Homes: How Architects Fit Luxury Into A Tiny Footprint

Small does not have to mean cramped. That’s what the designers and architects behind these three unique tiny homes set out to prove.

Font of the Week: XXII Geom

Geom is a geometric font designed to be easy to read in any application. With 8 weights, ilatics and ligatures, it may be the only sans serif font you ever need to license.

The Perks of Heavyweight Business Cards

Stand out from the pack with reserved elegance using super thick heavyweight business cards.

Modern Sculptural Fish Tanks Bring Art Into Your Home

Japanese designers bridge together architectural sculpture and the hobby of keeping fish to create beautiful modern minimal fishtanks in their series called Waterscape.

Ultra High-Definition Bug Portraits

The incredible ultra high definition images of Levon Biss allow users to get a rarely seen glimpse of the close up world of insects.

How Ink For Magazines Gets Made

Printer ink is used everywhere, but most are not familiar with the process that goes into making these vibrant inks. Watch a video and see just how pigment inks are made by The Printing Ink Company.

Fresh Typography: More than just letters

Typography is much more than just letters. When done right, typography can become standout art in its own right.

Inspiring Vintage Design

Good design never goes out of style. Check out some of the most impressive abstract designs from days gone by and get inspired for your next project.

Three Graffiti Artists You Should Know

As graffiti grows in popularity, we highlight three talented artists who are helping bridge the gap between street art and high fashion.

Signs of Italy: Exploring 200 Years of Italian Lettering

From historic carvings to hand lettered marquees, explore 200 years of Italian lettering in Signs of Italy, a new book by James Clough.

Font of the Week: Amsterdam Script

The grungy Amsterdam script is perfect for typography projects that focus on text.