Pad Printing: The Ultimate in Versatility

pad printing
As technology improves, so to do printing methods. For years, silk screening was the latest tech available until it was quickly upstaged by 3D printing. However, despite all these methods, most printing has often required that your surface be predominantly flat. Still, one method of printing, which has been around for quite some time, can actually provide the most versatility on printing surfaces.

With pad printing, the surface of the object being printed on is irrelevant to the success to the print. Whether you are printing on a curved, bumpy or flat surface, nothing can escape the capabilities of this type of printing.

Despite its versatility, Pad printing is actually a straight-forward process which includes, as you may have guessed, a pad, an engraved stamp, known as a cliche, and ink. The process, which you can see in action in the video below, takes very little time, and requires only a few specialized tools. In fact, clever dyi-ers have even figured out how to make home-made versions of these machines.

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