Thomas Heatherwick, head of Heatherwick Studio, known best for having the hand in designing the UK Pavilion at the 2008 Shanghai Expo as well as the London Olympic Cauldron, now has his sights set on spanning the Thames with a luxuriantly vegetative garden bridge reminiscent to a kind of structure the elves of Rivendell would’ve been proud to have. An endorsement for the ‘Garden Bridge’ by Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous fame even sounds like it could pass off as an excerpt from Tolkien’s tales –

It’s quite strange to talk of something that doesn’t exist yet, but the Garden Bridge is already vivid in the plans and the imagination. This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water. It will be the slowest way to cross the river, as people will dawdle and lean on parapets and stare at the great cityscapes all around; but it will also be a safe and swift way for the weary commuter to make his way back over the Thames.

“There will be grasses, trees, wild flowers, and plants, unique to London’s natural riverside habitat. And there will be blossom in the spring and even a Christmas tree in mid-winter. I believe it will bring to Londoners and visitors alike peace and beauty and magic.”

Complete with lush wildflowers and woodlands, this beautiful pedestrian walkway is expected to cost around £60 million, and is still in the planning and permission stages but is projected to be able to be built and open to the public by as early as 2016 if  public funding goals are met. Found here is a full article about the project as well as some conceptual images illustrating how majestic the Garden Bridge will appear once completed.


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