One Man Tried To Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean With Clusters of Helium Filled Balloons


What you see above, floating colorfully in the sky is the vessel upon which North Carolina native Jonathan Trappe had hoped to use to set a world record by crossing the Atlantic. That’s right ladies and gents. This guy valiantly tried to achieve a trans-atlantic voyage with the aid of a large cluster of 370 balloons. Sounds kind of crazy, right? Heck, it  looks crazy. What’s even crazier than the idea of this is the fact that it’s worked before. Trappe, who is an IT Manager when he’s not taking to the skies, has succeeded in being the first to cross the English Channel and fly over the Swiss Alps with the same cluster-balloon method (he’s even flown in a house just like in the Disney/Pixar flick Up. See below)


As you may have been able to deduce from the phrasing of the article, Trappe did not succeed in crossing the Atlantic. He instead, after just 12 hours deep into his voyage, landed in Newfoundland, Canada due to some technical problems with the vessel. What a shame. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t give up on his dream any time soon. Read and see more about Jonathan Trappe and his first valiant attempt at colorfully traversing an ocean from above here and/or here.






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