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New York is one of the world’s most-photographed cities. From its sweeping urban landscape to its glittering LED billboards and subway system, for as long as there have been cameras, there have been photos of the various parts of the five Burroughs. While the New York we see now is a behemoth in international clout, the beautiful, clean streets and lower crime rates are a far cry from the reality that some New Yorkers lived in older times.

A new project called, New York City: Then and Now by Daily News photographer and editor, Marc A. Hermann, aims to close the gap in time in the city’s history by combining the images of contemporary New York City with crime scene photos from the New York of the past. The result is an eerily haunting reminder of how dangerous the city actually was and of how much has been forgotten by those who live there today. According to a FastCo report, the project aims to speak, “to how quickly fortunes can change for American cities. Once a prosperous, bustling city, Detroit now faces bankruptcy, while New York City’s history of high crime has given way to the era of the luxury city.”

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