For many years Singapore has been overlooked as a major eastern destination, overshadowed by the bright lights of Tokyo, the cost-effective shopping of China, and the palate-pleasing foods of Thailand. However, the world’s only sovereign city-state that is also an island country has seen a significant growth in the last few years and has been seeing more and more mentions in the media. Singapore itself is an urban planning utopia with a militant focus on sustainability. As it erects new buildings, the city also develops more reclaimed land for parks in order to maintain air quality and a balance between the urban and natural environments. Almost everywhere you look you find tranquil ponds and vast green parks sprouted between feats of architecture that must be seen to be believed.

Whatever reasons you may have had to overlook a trip to Singapore in the past are now long gone, effaced by the new skyline of the city, already boasting some of the most beautiful buildings, with more to come. Below are three of Singapore’s more amazing architectural feats, places that will make the small Republic Island one of the top places on your bucket list that you’ll want to visit, and poise it to become one of the biggest little cities in the world.

The Gardens by the Bay

The Singaporean trend of environmental harmony comes crisply into focus at the new Gardens by the Bay, which separates Marina Bay, a bay near Central Area in the southern part of Singapore, lying to the east of the Downtown Core, from the South China Sea. The 250-acre park and its “Supertree Grove” attracts visitors with sights that appear to be pulled straight from the pages of science fiction, boasting 12 towering steel trees, each rising 80-160 feet covered with native ferns, vines, orchids and bromeliads. Each tree holds its own water containment and solar cells which help make the park self-sustaining. The structures are connected by a vertiginous walkway and house several restaurants, including the highly rated Indochine restaurant, which rests at the top of the tallest tree.

SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands

Balanced almost impossibly across the two towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, SkyPark is a visual and architectural marvel. The cantilevered platform sits a whopping 57 floors above ground and extends a fear inducing 200 feet past the end of the north tower. The park houses and features what can arguable be called the world’s best view from it’s observation deck. Skypark’s standout feature is its infinity pool, which at 57 feet can be a bit intimidating to acrophobics, despite being nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The ParkRoyal on Pickering Hotel

The ParkRoyal on Pickering is a block-wide “hotel and office in a garden” that sits on a narrow plot of land below Singapore’s central business core. Designed by WOHA, slab-like towers, which reflect the construction of the buildings in the downtown area, are suspended above a green garden of tangled flora and palm trees that thrive in the tropical climate. The vegetation is rooted to curved terraces that are themselves fixed to the towers’ glass facades, resembling a modern day Garden of Babylon. At the outdoor infinity pool, everyone raves about the “birdcage” cabanas, especially the one that hangs over the edge of the building, offering a daring, but private getaway for those lucky enough to visit

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