Niice: A Search Engine For Designers


When scouring the Internet for inspiration, sites like Founddd and Pinterest are often designers’ go-tos when Google search turns up less-beautiful designs than they had hoped for.

Now Niice, a new player in the search engine game, aims to be the choice for artists looking for a spark.

Part search engine, part image aggregation site, the site describes itself as being noise free, and promises, “No clip art, no porn, no ‘Like this!’ or ’Share that!’. Just beautiful, inspiring designs from hand-picked sources.” Niice works similarly to Pinterest, in that users create cloud-based moodboards based on their tastes and the images that they bookmark into the site, using an intuitive drag and drop editing method to allow users to create truly personal and unique moodboards. To make collection images even easier, the startup offers a Chrome browser bookmarklet so you can add images sourced on the web in addition to its built-in ability to add images from Niice’s own search engine results by clicking on a ‘+’ sign.

Most importantly, however, is that Niice offers privacy. The site promises that whatever a use shares to their board will stay on their board, and will never show up in public search engines, making it a truly internalized community. Each board does, however, have its own URL, making it easy to share with colleagues, clients and friends. As an added benefit, for designers looking to keep their privacy altogether, Niice allows users to export their moodboards as jpegs, which they can save to their systems and share as they see fit.

The service is free to use to create up to five boards. From there, users can pay for tiered upgrades which give them access to additional features.

image via TechCrunch




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