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In business, there are many occasions that call for distributing information to your customers. Proposals, collateral, product specs and various other types of information are parts of the sale process, and while a staple or paper clip may often be enough to keep these documents together, they do little, if nothing, when it comes to establishing your company’s brand.

For that, there are presentation folders.

In addition to branding benefits, presentation folders keep your sales documents safe and keep important information, such as contact numbers and email addresses, in an easily accessible place. Presentation folders also add a touch of class to your operation by adding an extra level of attentive detail to document delivery, all while showing your customers that your products and services are worthy of safe keeping. Presentation folders can also serve as advertising collateral themselves. With a custom design, you can include key points of your company’s service within the front folder, so customers are always reminded of why they should be doing business with you.

Giving out presentation folders also carries one additional fringe benefit that is often overlooked; free advertising by your own current and prospective clients. Because of the reusable nature of folders, many recipients will keep theirs for future use, even if they don’t actually make a purchase. These purposed folders will be seen by their friends and colleagues, further establishing your brand with your prospective audience.

Overall, presentation folders are an excellent marketing asset, and should be considered by any company that hands out materials to their customers.

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