Media conglomerate News Corp is changing it’s name to 21st Century Fox, and along with the new name; comes a new corporate identity. This new branding comes as a result of the splitting of it’s entertainment assets and is expected to conclude early this July. The new logo created by Pentagram, the same company responsible for designing the ubiquitous Daily Show and the Big Ten conference brands, gives a visual shout-out to the success of News Corp’s entertainment arm; 20th Century Fox. The easily identifiable gold lights, along with the well-known trumpet flare have been replaced with a minimal pair of silhouetted spotlights with the name of the company accompanied with what sounds like little digital ‘beedeeps’ . Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, says “Like our name, the logo reflects the rich heritage of Twentieth Century Fox,  and signals the promise of the 21st century and our restless drive toward the future.” Although the glamour and excitement of the original incarnation have been dramatically reduced, this new logo just might be strong enough to overpower the nostalgia of those familiar trumpets and towering gold spotlights. What are you thoughts about the new logo design?

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