Newcastle’s Genius Non-Football Campaign


This year, it became apparent that the NFL was dead serious about protecting its brand, making it tricky for advertisers to be able to tailor their “game day” ads to their target market; people who watched the “big game”. This sent advertisers scrambling searching for alternative ways to hint at the Superbowl, without mentioning its name, and in some occasions, not even the sport of football itself. The subject became late-night TV opening monologue fodder, with everyone from Jon Stewart to Jimmy Fallon touching on the issue.

And although the Seahawks crushed the Broncos on the football field, ultimately becoming Superbowl XLVIII champions, the real winners of the great advertising race were the smart people at Newcastle Brown Ale’s marketing department who found a way to create something out of, well, very little.

Playing on Newcastle’s “No Bollocks” mantra, instead of spending millions to release a single commercial on game day, the brand put together an entire campaign focused on the ad they would’ve made if they had made it. Aptly called “If We Made It”, the campaign included everything from a hilarious teaser video, to several behind the scenes videos with the “talent” that should’ve been in the commercial. The company even went so far as to hold an actual market panel for the commercial that never existed, and shamelessly plead with redditors, “Give us your free ideas, and we’ll turn them into free marketing. Won’t you help us help you buy Newcastle”

The new campaign was memorable, and possibly even more effective than a single ad during the game would’ve been. Slowly, different clips made their way around the web, which is most likely the viral effect that the brand hoped to achieve; gaining maximum exposure with minimum cost.

Good Job Newcastle! The entire thing is featured on Newcastle’s own site,, and our favorites are below.




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