Apparently, when German kids go to graphic school, they learn how to bend reality. At least that seems to be what happened for German student Lena Steinkühler. Armed with a Canon 600D, Vicon Boujou, Cinema 4D & After Effects Steinkühler created what describes as “4 minutes of delicious eye-candy that will put your senses in overload.” Her short film ‘Biotopes’ makes use of some ingenious and incredible post production methods to create “one massive hallucinatory experience where the city suddenly springs to life, moving, breathing, morphing and shifting.”

Despite the obvious talent that it took to create this amazing short video, what makes it interesting is the unassuming look that it takes into New York’s City’s future. Steinkühler’s vision was to showcase “A type of metamorphosis, where the newly developed vegetation assimilates elements of the city and makes them useful for their own purposes” as a response to the growing population and decrease in living space.

We can only hope that should nature go route this route, that it does so as beautifully as Steinkühler has envisioned it. Watch the full video and see more screenshots on



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