New Swedish Kiosk Aims To Rejuvinate Publishing Industry With Magazine Printing On Demand


For those who might not know, it’s pretty darn difficult to get your own magazine or newspaper off the press and into your audience’s hands. What’s to blame you ask? Production and distribution costs. 10% of the money used to create any publication goes towards distribution costs associated with traditional methods. Also, printed media must be bought in surplus because every single copy of any particular publication will not be sold. As such, outlets often (if not always) buy more than they can sell because the demand for said publication cannot be pinpointed. So in an effort to not miss out on any potential gains, stores will overbuy editions of magazines painting a perfect scenario for use of the phrase “better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” What comes with this current structure is a pretty staggering statistic – 40% of all printed material will be trashed. If this waste could be circumvented it would drastically help a struggling industry. But how do you do it?¬†In an effort to curve this decline in sales,¬†Swedish company Meganews, with the help of industrial design company LA+B and technology consultant Sweco, has set in motion an idea that could possibly revolutionize the world of printed media – an automated kiosk that is able to print any magazine (stored as a PDF in it’s web based server) on demand. So you walk up to the kiosk, choose from over 200 available publications and journals by using the nifty touchscreen, swipe your credit card and voila in two minutes time, you have an authentic magazine in your hands thanks to a high-speed Ricoh printer found within. So, the kiosk provides a means to avoid overhead production and distribution costs, is better for the environment, establishes a supply and demand ratio of 1:1 (cutting out the previously mentioned 40%) and also provides a way for publications to reach new audiences around the world that they otherwise would probably never be exposed to. Sounds like a great idea to me. Watch a promotional video below and read more about Meganews and it’s exciting on demand magazine printing kiosk here.




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