Germs are, as everyone knows, everywhere. Every single object we come in contact with, whether we want to admit it or not, is teeming with millions upon millions of microbial nightmares. Our touchscreen smart phones are no exception. An astounding statistic revealed during one study claims that your average smart phone’s screen harbors more germs than a public toilet (now think about all the times you’ve fiddled on your phone while eating a sandwich… yea, exactly). If what was just said has caused you to perhaps think of something you haven’t pondered before and are alarmed, Corning, the same company who brought us the nigh-indestructible Gorilla Glass has revised their flagship product in such a way that it might bring you some peace of mind. An anti-microbial coating to be used on the new glass effectively kills all the harmful germs that would otherwise be populating your device’s screen, and keep it that way. First shown at the MIT Mobile Technology Summit, this coating was shown to eradicate all traces of harmful bacteria in under just two hours after application. Corning isn’t stopping at self-disinfecting glass either. They’re also doing some amazing work with their anti-reflection tech. See the image above? See that gaping hole in the middle of the glass panel? That’s not a hole! It’s an area of the glass that has been treated with the aforementioned anti-reflection tech that will end the sight-blighted annoyance that is trying to use your device(s) in direct sunlight. Glass is definitely one of those technologies that is often overlooked despite how common and useful it is and has been for ages and it’s good to see improvements are being made to it to meet the needs of our ever-evolving techie lifestyles. Read more about Corning’s effort towards ushering in glass’s multifaceted usefulness into the future here. We’ll wait while you go wash your hands.

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