New Furniture From Ikea Can Charge Your Accessories Without Wires

Swedish furniture designer Ikea has long been a forerunner in home design innovation. From their penchant for small home efficiency to their fair pricing, the company really understands what its fans are looking for. There is no better proof of that than their new product line, to be released this April.

Ikea seems to have realized a dichotomy that most interior designers hate; with our increased dependency on tech gadgets, we often end up with an unsightly mess of charging cables that can really put a damper on great design. To address this, the company has partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium to create a new line of furniture and accessories, namely, nightstands and lamps, that allow you to wirelessly charge your smartphone, using Qi wireless device chargers. For those that prefer to keep their existing furniture but want to add the ability to remotely charge their devices, there is also an Ikea-designed charging pad that can be used on any surface.

While many of today’s top smartphones, including the LG G3 and the Nexus 6, already have this technology built in, there are some that don’t, notably the iPhone. There is also the fact that many large conglomerates who are known for controlling the market, brands that include McDonalds, Starbucks and AT&T have signed on to use a competing wireless charging standard developed by Power Matters Alliance, meaning that there is no telling if future phone models will work with the furniture pieces at all. Regardless, the new line could be a forecast of the future, where our furniture, our homes and our devices work effortlessly together to allow us more connectivity than ever.

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