Have you ever thought about how much detergent gets left inside of those “empty” bottles we throw away? Do you desperately roll up your toothpaste tubes or cut them in half to get out as much as you can? Do you use a spoon or spatula to scrape the mayonnaise off the side of the jar? Or have you ever slapped a bottle of ketchup till your hand turned red to get the last glob?

A new creation from a former MIT student could possibly change all that.


LiquiGlide is a permanently wet, slippery solution designed to make all liquids slide as easily as water. By applying this non-toxic coating to all the viscous liquids, pastes or gels in your home, LiquiGlide developers estimate it could save the world more than a million tons of food waste a year (talk about throwing away your money).

Not to mention, it will aid with recycling and ease our environmental impact. It’s made from FDA-approved materials and can work with hundreds of liquids and even several solids.

Dave Smith was a PhD candidate at MIT when he and his team first created the substance. He has since dropped out of MIT and incorporated LiquiGlide. He believes the technology has endless capabilities, such as the medical, manufacturing and transportation industries.

You can read more here and here. See LiquiGlide in action.

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