“Motorola” isn’t really a name brand that you think of when you think clever and witty tv spots. Up until now, that honor has belonged to Apple, along with one of the larger slices of the smartphone market.

With its new Moto X smartphone, however, Motorola appears to be trying to beat Apple at their own game. Their new television ads for the Moto X feature a smartphone personified by a seemingly lazy, intrusive man who doesn’t seem to know how to behave properly or take a photo to save his life.

It is not surprising to see another smartphone manufacturer aim a discreet jab directly at Apple in their marketing. The surprising part is the fact that the spots are actually laugh-out-loud hilarious, and for the most part, pretty dead on.

There are currently three commercials, and Motorola was nice enough to share them all on their YouTube channel for your entertainment.

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