MOTi: The Little Robot that Can Change Your Behavior

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When forming new habits, many people turn to their smartphones. Smartphones help us keep track of our movements, measure our steps, and count our calories, but what they lack is the ability to motivate us to keep going.

Until now.

A new piece of smart tech, the MOTi, aims to help humans achieve their goals by providing them with something that smartphones and fitness trackers can’t provide; an emotional connection.

“When you look at the research in wearables, there’s a huge drop-off rate,” says Kayla Matheus, founder of MOTi, “Data alone isn’t enough. We’re human beings—we need more than that.” The company’s aim to provide human beings with what is missing, an adorable new gadget that can help you form any habit, by providing you with encouragement, motivation and tugging on your heartstrings.

Unlike an app, which can easily be ignored and eventually deleted, the adorable MOTi is too cute to hide, so it serves as a constant reminder of the habit you’re trying to form. “It’s like a symbolic manifestation of your goal that also happens to be cute,” Matheus says.

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