This deep into winter, it’s almost impossible for most people to think of anything coming from Russia as “cozy”. But then you see these images by Russian photographer Elena Shumilova, shot during the day while she spends time with her children and their animal friends on the family’s farm.

Despite the quality and execution of her photographs, Shumilova apparently only got into photography in early 2012, when she acquired her first camera. But her profiles on Flickr and 500px profiles seem to showcase a talent well beyond her experience.

Shumilova told Bored Panda that she shoots the images during the day, so as to not miss out on time she could be spending with her children, and then edits the images at night. She also says that she prefers natural light, but loves “all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow, ” basically anything “that gives visual and emotional depth to the image.”

Below is a selection of her images. Additional photos can be seen here, here and here.



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