Last week we started to explore the architecture and design behind modern homes that project both sleek and warm tones. You can read more about them in our first installment HERE.

Continuing in our Modern Homes series, we will be looking at two more homes that fit our description of embracing contemporary design and the warm and inviting nature of more traditional designs. This time around, we introduce you to Germany’s House Philipp by Philipp Architekten and Canada’s Bord-du-Lac House by Henri Cleinge.

House Philipp by Philipp Architekten
house philipp

There’s no surer way to say, “I am so proud of this thing, ” than to give it your name, and that’s exactly what German architectural Firm Phillipp Architekten did when he gave his project that very special honor. This beautiful home named “Phillipp” is now over eight years old, but it still feels like a forerunner for modern design. The clean lines and limitless windows seem to blend seamlessly with the surrounding greens, making the boxy home feel welcoming and open. This sensation is only heightened by the soft palette chosen by the architects for the interior. See more photos of the House Philipp here.

Bord-du-Lac House by Henri Cleinge

Others have followed in the footsteps of mid-century modern architects, borrowing elements from the old that help to tone and soften the straight lines of the new. Some, such as Canadian Henri Cleinge, have even combined the two styles effortlessly in a renovation done to a 200-year old building. The building, which once belonged to the Husdon Bay building needed an addition in order to accommodate all the inhabitants, so Cleige was faced with the challenge of defining “a clear conceptual approach which would reconcile a contemporary architectural language to the ancestral home.” Read more about his project and see the photos here.

These homes are just a few in a long list of homes that dazzle architecture buffs with beautiful design that doesn’t make compromises. Stay tuned to see the next installment with more amazing houses.

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