il_570xN.458124741_8jbkWith its sharp corners and boxy lines modern home design can appear cold and unwelcoming to some. Standout contemporary architecture has often had to embrace traditional elements, teetering somewhere between the old and new, in order to win the affection of critics who love classical style. Homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, for example, are lauded for using traditional materials, such as exposed wood and lush landscaping to contrast the angular roofs and asymmetric facades that he has become famous for. During his heyday, his designs were completely groundbreaking and set the mood for architecture for years to come.

Today’s architects, however, are able to find a happy middle ground between old and new without having to sacrifice the modern curb appeal of their creations. It may very well have something to do with the fact that “modern” architecture is in fact only about a decade old. We are more accustomed to the sights of modern homes, so what was once considered stark and cold, can now be viewed as airy and elegant.

In this series, we will be looking at homes that fit that description; homes from all over the globe that embrace contemporary design but still posses the warm and inviting nature of more traditional models. Our first two homes are the The Glendowie House in New Zealand by Bossley Architects and One27 Grovedale in Australia by Mick Rule and Craig Sheiles Homes.

The Glendowie House by Bossley Architects
Glendowie House

The Glendowie House is a stark departure from the traditional. From the futuristic steel-beam façade to the floating staircase within, everything about the home screams 21st century. However, despite the overall modern design of the home, the loose rock gate surrounding the property,   dark wood floors, bright white walls and numerous windows warm the property from the inside out. At night, the windows and beams come together fluidly, creating a lattice of light from the outside.

The project, designed by Bossley Architects, is situated in Auckland, New Zealand and is shaped to maximize the use of the available property without detracting from the sweeping views of the water below. See more photos of the Glendowie House here.

One27 Grovedale by Mick Rule and Craig Sheiles Homes
one27 grovedale

One27 Grovedale is a show home created by Rule and Sheiles to showcase the transcendental beauty of mid-century modern design. The house features state-of-the-art modern elements like an all-glass pool gate and sliding glass doors that open completely, expertly blended with retro elements like wicker chandeliers and patterned trellis walls. According to designers, the home consists of a, “Series of simple intersecting and overlapping rectangular boxes with double volume heights creating dramatic spatial relationships within the open plan layout.” The boxes help to create segregated zones within the home, which is warmed up by the playful juxtaposition of different artistic styles and unique wood paneling and carpeting. See more photos of the house here.

These homes are just a few in a long list of homes that dazzle architecture buffs with beautiful design that doesn’t make compromises. Stay tuned to see the next installment with more amazing houses.

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