In this TED video titled Fellows in the Field,  Skylar Tibbits,  Director of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, explains how he and his team are collaborating with Stratasys, the 3D printing manufacturer, to develop 4D printing technology (as if 3D printing wasn’t amazing enough).

The Self-Assembly Lab, located in MIT’s International Design Center in Singapore, specializes in programmable matter with industrial applications. Their so-called “smart materials” are physical objects that can change shape and reconfigure over time from memory or information they store in their makeup. Essentially, they are objects that can build themselves. This new concept of 4D printing combines 3D printing technology with smart materials to add time—commonly referred to as the fourth dimension—to the printing process. It results in objects that can independently evolve, adapt and respond to you and how you use them. They hope to use this technology to compensate for inefficiencies in construction, manufacturing and infrastructure engineering. See for yourself.


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