Earlier this month, Colossal, one of our favorite websites for inspiration, posted a feature on a relatively unknown photographer, who truly deserves more attention than he has. According to the article, photographer Michael Paul Smith has, “at times referred to himself as a text-book illustrator, a wallpaper hanger and house painter, a museum display designer, an architectural model maker, and art director.” These many talents are evident with within each one of his images, which, without taking into the context and methods of creation, appear to be just a simple photograph from America’s past.

The truth is that ‘simple’ is probably the last word that would describe the way Smith composes his shots. For each photo, Smith creates a mis-en-place using toy cars and miniature buildings to create a minute version of the full scale scene he is shooting. Then, using no special equipment aside from a basic point-and-shoot digital camera and natural lighting, Smith uses forced perspective to make his tiny scene a full size replica of an old American street.

Check out the original article on Colossal and Smith’s Flickr for some behind the scenes shots of his work, as well as some more of his final photos.

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