Commercial lovers everywhere are talking about the clever new commercial that Mercedes-Benz posted on Youtube yesterday. The ad uses a chicken and its ability to track its head- the ability many birds have to keep their heads absolutely stationary while their bodies move around- as a way to demonstrate MB’s new MAGIC BODY CONTROL function in their S-class automobiles. Essentially, it works as a sensor system that detects uneven roads before you reach them and adjusts the suspension accordingly so you can feel as little or much of the road as you want.

The ad, created by Jung von Matt,  is cute and silly, especially if you didn’t know that chickens could track their heads beforehand, but was the concept originally theirs? Check out this ad that Fuji Film posted on Youtube on February 19 of this year.

Fuji’s video is shockingly similar to MB’s and many are accusing Mercedes of stealing Fuji’s idea. If you do some digging, however, you’ll find that a fan actually posted the Mercedes commercial—in German—onto Youtube on February 20. Some are also firing back saying that the MB ad originally aired in the fall of 2012. So far, the verdict is still up in the air as to who came first, the chicken or the…well, the chicken.

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