Mark Mawson‘s work is more than just photography because it can be appreciated in both print and motion. This British native specializes in still-life underwater photography, and is most known for his Aqueous series, where he captures the effects of dropping and manipulating ink underwater.

The ink drops come alive as they erupt, dance and collide with each other under the water, creating depth and texture in ways you wouldn’t expect for a liquid medium.

Mawson says he was first inspired to try this technique while watching milk being poured into his coffee. The results are several series of photo projects that have become highly collectable all around the world. His book of photographs, titled Aqueous, is available here.

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He’s also done professional work for luxury brands like Prada, Chanel and Tom Ford. His art conveys a certain sensuality that aptly complements luxury marketing. This Versace commercial used his water-art to promote their men’s fragrance, Versace Eros.



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