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Guillaume Néry is a French free diver specializing in Constant Weight free diving. Famous for breaking the World Record in 2002 at -87 meters in the Villefranche-sur-Mer harbour in Alpes-Maritimes, France and then again in 2011 during the AIDA Depth World Championship with a dive at -117m, Néry has seen a recent resurgence in his popularity when a video shot two years ago during a competition at Dean’s Blue Hole recently hit viral status.

Shot by his girlfriend, Julie, during a short break from the competition, the video is an artistic collaboration between the two divers, aimed at comparing the thrill of free diving to that felt during a base jump from high altitudes. What makes the video special is that both Néry and Julie have shot the video completely “on breath hold”.

It’s quite a sight to see Néry dive headfirst into the darkness, as you can see the video below.

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