Make The Most of Summer With EDDM Mailers

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Summer is in full swing and things are heating up everywhere, so your marketing should be too. Especially because consumers spend 80% of their disposable income with businesses within 10 miles of their homes and summer means they’re home more often than not. With kids home from school, and parents spending more time at home with them, now is the perfect time to direct your marketing efforts towards reaching these potential clients right where they already are – their homes. EDDM (or Every Door Direct Mailing) makes it easy to target a predefined area of potential customers, so summer is the ideal time to kick your mailing campaign into full gear.

Summer mailers can also be some of the most fun to design, with vivid colors and bold designs, and can be a great place to advertise promotions that get families and individuals out of their homes.

Ready to get cranking on your own mailer campaign? We’ve collected some of our favorite summer mailers to help you in your design process, so read on to maximize your EDDM campaign through both design and content ideas using just three simple tips.

1. Throw in Something for the Kids

There are simple ways to up the chances that your postcard will be read and kept by the family that receives it. One of these is to include an activity that will inspire mom or dad to hold onto your card for later use. A maze, a puzzle, a mini-game, all of these can be easily incorporated into your design to buy it more time in the hands of you potential customers.

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2. Give it a purpose.

It’s no surprise that many mailers include yearly calendars or coupons. These small additions give purpose to your mailer, making them feel a bit less invasive and ensure that they will be kept and considered. Coupons are a great way to bring locals into your business – most of whom may otherwise not be aware of your location – or who may have been curiously waiting some sort of incentive.





3. Go Digital

Most people either have a smartphone capable of scanning a QR code or are near a computer where they can visit your site, so keep some of your info online to allow for a better design. Including a QR code is a simple way to provide readers with more information that is both easy to use and not very design intrusive. Be sure to also include your web address, however, as some target customers may not know how to access a site using QR codes.






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