A structure the size of a city has usurped Dubai’s International Airport Terminal 3 (by about 500, 000 sq ft) as being the most immense building ever constructed. The New Century Global Center, designed by architect Zaha Hadid and located in Chengdu, a Sichuan province city in China, measures in at 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high. If you can’t wrap your head around those kinds of dimensions, and understandable so, picture this : You can fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses in it, and it is roughly three times larger than our own U.S. Pentagon. Built within an impressively short time frame (just three years from 2010-2013) the structure since it’s opening on July 1st is now available to the public housing two five-star hotels, a 14-screen IMAX cineplex, a huge ice skating rink fit to host competitions, about 400, 000 square meters of mall shopping and restaurants and hold on to your hats boys n’ girls, an enormous artificial beach complete with a huge LED screen that recreates realistic sunsets and sea breezes as well as a full-on water park. Check out an article here and a lengthy and very detailed promotional video for this massive architectural undertaking here.

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