If you’re a gamer, a sports enthusiast or an animal lover, it’s easy to find apparel to showcase your love. But for many of the rest of you, finding clothes that represent your passions and desires can be a bit of a daunting task, one which could require spending several hours digging through the Internet and its extensive online stores, such as threadless and cafepress. It’s not even that these passions are necessarily obscure or strange, it’s just that there are so many options available, that narrowing down the really special ones can be tricky.

But fear not, typophiles, and do not worry designers, foodies and bookworms. We have done the legwork for you, scouring the World Wide Web in search of great design. Whether done obviously or with a sarcastic tongue-in-cheek- approach, each of these web stores caters to a specific, but often overlooked passion, giving a new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

The Typographyshop
Typophiles and obsessive graphic designers alike will get a kick out of the apparel sold at the Typographyshop. These clever, yet simple t-shirts turn your wardrobe into a functional inside joke and feature everything from popular font faces to smart and industry-specific phrases such as “Well Kerned” and “Make the Logo Smaller”, affectionately referred to by the website as “The battle cry of art directors everywhere”. The line features not only t-shirts, hoodies and thermals, but also includes posters and mugs that can be purchased directly through their website.
Wouldn’t it be so much easier to wear your favorite book than to lug it around with you? Now, you can totally do so thanks to the creative folks at Lithographs are unique in that, unlike other literary themed apparel, they feature the text of an entire book designed as a themed and printed onto t-shirts. Currently, there are only 6 t-shirt designs, which include Moby Dick, On the Origin of Species, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and The Great Gatsby, but new designs are constantly being created. If the quantity of available posters is any indication of new shirt designs to come, lithograph apparel could quickly replace your library.

Flavour Gallery
Despite the fact that you’re always on a diet, does your inner foodie always wins? If this sounds like you, then Flavour Gallery is your spot. The company understands and appreciates the various ways that food enhances our lives aside from the obvious nutritional benefits. Thats why their made-in-the-USA apparel lines features food and food festival themed designs printed on their custom-finished, contemporary tees. As an added bonus, since the folks at Flavour Gallery love food and know that you do too, they make their shirts “contemporary, yet roomy” so you never have to feel like you’re stuffed into your shirt.

While Redbubble is an all-interests user submitted design website similar to threadless and cafepress, their current showcase features a collection of t-shirts that cyclists will delight over. Their Big Collection of Brilliant Bike Art is well curated, with a diverse collection of designs that can be placed on t-shirts of any color for under $30 for most designs. With the growing popularity of bicycling as a primary form of transportation, it makes sense that the company would be featuring these designs, which run the gamut from whimsical to clever to funny.

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