Let the iPhone 6 Rumors Begin!


It hasn’t even been four months since the release of the latest iPhone models, the 5s and 5c, and already anticipatory rumors about the iPhone 6 have begun emerging. The latest of these, which made its way to fashion hub refinery29, suggests that the new iPhone will not only be slimmer than its predecessor (the 5 is 7.6mm, the 6 is rumored to be only 6mm), but it will also possess a feature that will distinctly set it apart from all other previous iPhones, and from all previous cell and smart phones in general; a curved display.

A Curved Display

Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass, which is already a part of most apple products, but also protects over a billion devices worldwide, has announced that it has perfected a curved version of its popular glass. Announced at CES this past week, the curved glass, which Corning calls 3-D Glass, is intended to be used on curved devices, such as smart watches and iPods, but rumor has it that it may also be making its way onto the new cell phone. The curved display would essentially allow for a user’s fingers to easily access far corners of their phones’ screens. Naturally, a farther reach, implies a larger screen, which would give Apple a considerable advantage over its competitors, especially in markets in which the primary form of web access is through mobile.

Or a Self-Cleaning Sapphire Screen?

While there is no confirmation whether the new curved screen is really happening, other screen-related rumors have also popped up, suggesting that the 6 may instead feature a tougher sapphire-screen which Apple has already made use of for its TouchID technology. Corning also announced a new line of anti-microbial Gorilla glass, which actively eliminates microbes that accumulate on the glass throughout usage, which is expected to make its way onto the new iPhone (video).

See More of Everything

Glass isn’t the only thing that could be changing. Other rumors surrounding the phone include an improvement to the camera’s image stabilization software, as well as the potential inclusion of a refocusable light field camera, similar to the Lytro, which Apple has already been granted patent for. The change to the new technology wouldn’t be a very far leap for Apple, who has almost single-handedly redefined the entire photo taking experience for most consumers.

Improvements to the screen may also be coming to the 6 in an effort to compete more directly against the 5-inch screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The current generation iPhone sports a 4-inch (diagonal) display with 1136 by 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. The alleged full HD display of the iPhone 6 will bump up pixel resolution to 1920 by 1080.

When, oh, When?

Some speculators suggest that an early release of the iPhone 6 could be the next step in the feud between Apple and Samsung. However, more conservative critics suggest the new iPhone won’t be around until September 2014, which is more in-line with Apple’s traditional product release schedule. Until then, we expect to hear more rumors and more news on the development of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6. So now, all that is left to do is wait.




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