Learn Japanese with the Phonetikana Font


For speakers of Latin and Germanic languages, Japanese can be a daunting language to master. In addition to the completely different sounds and words used, new speakers and communicators looking to learn the language have to take on a wholly new alphabet as well.

In order to make things a little easier, one UK’s top design studios, johnson banks, created the Phonetikana typeface as a way to help them better communicate with their clients during trips to Japan. Phonetikana incorporates phonetic English sounds into Katakana shapes, creating a readable hybrid typeface for English speakers new to the language.

While Phonetikana’s utility is limited to a niche group of users, its ingenuity can actually lend itself to many practical uses for travelers and tourists visiting any area whose language they do not speak. Ultimately, Phonetikana, and other fonts created in its likeness, will allow our guides and maps to provide us with words we can actually say to locals to help them help us find our way.




While Phonetikana is not yet available for download, you can learn more about the font here.




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