Layer Comps; How to Use One of Photoshop’s Most Useful Features


Whether you’re working with a team of designers on a project or creating a couple mock-ups for your own client in Photoshop, layer comps can be an incredibly useful tool.

Layer comps allow designers to create multiple compositions (or comps) of a design to present to their clients. By using layer comps, designers are able to manage and view multiple versions of a layout without having to create multiple Photoshop files. This means that keeping track of multiple files, reverting back to previous versions of a design when a client changes his mind and creating multiple versions of a proposal is no longer a time-consuming task.

A layer comp is basically a snapshot of the Layers panel in any given state. Layer comps work by recording three types of layer options; Layer visibility, Layer position, and Layer appearance. Combined, the created layer comp memorizes the document as it is, allowing designers to limit the number of files to be sent.

Yet, despite its convenience, Layer comps are often overlooked in lists of Photoshop’s useful features and popular tutorials, and many designers don’t even know what they are. To that end, Adobe put together a tutorial video which demonstrates how to easily use, update and modify layer comps to streamline your design process. The video is part of Adobe’s extensive documentation covering new features available to Adobe Creative Cloud users.

For those new to layer comps who are looking for a more involved tutorial, Adobe’s step by step guide is a great place to start. The video below also demonstrates how to simply and easily work with the new improvements to the layer comps feature on Photoshop.




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