Landmark Bus Stop

Cities are filled with people who are concerned about making the space they live in more interesting, and it looks like Hamburg is no different. Its Landmark design series represents a line of city fixtures that are pleasing to the eye as well as functional, using similar design styles to tie them all together. This bus-stop canopy, designed by Hadi Teherani, is a good example.

Entirely functional as a bus stop, it also features color-changing lights that are meant to provide a soothing atmosphere where harsh, white light can be too much. It has space for two-sided posters at one end, and the rest of the walls are see-through. Visibility is an important comfort to those of us who find themselves at bus stops often and don’t want to get hassled after a long day at work. Still, when I think of bus stops, the first thing I want redesigned is the seat, and I don’t know if green or blue mood lights are going to make me happy about a hard-as-rock bench!




Category: Inspiration