Either because the weather is horrible, or because you just don’t have the drive to get up and be truly productive, there are those days that you find yourself looking for ways of spending your time that involve anything but work. During these momentary lapses in your energy cycle, you find yourself sitting in front your computer, hitting refresh on Facebook wondering how you could possibly have enjoyed a lifetime with such boring friends.

The first day, it’s just a break. The second day is still a break, but by the fifth day where you’ve accomplished nothing, not only do you have nothing to show for yourself, but you find that you’re having an incredibly difficult time motivating yourself into action. The problem is, when your brain stops working and enters a state of rest, it wants to stay in that state of rest. This is basic physics, the kind of stuff they teach you in sixth grade. The solution is fairly simple, to keep your brain in a creative cycle, so that is never leaves its state of motion.

Still, we are only human, and we need a break from time to time. So, here are a few alternatives ways to waste precious production hours with trivial tasks that won’t put you in a creative rut:

1. Organize your desk.

No matter what you do, chances are there are stacks of paper, notes, books, mail and other miscellaneous you don’t need cluttering your workspace. Dedicating a few minutes of your downtime to re-organize your desk is not only productive, but chances are, your cleaner, more-efficient work area will encourage you to get more work done. Maybe it’s time to try one of those life hacks you always thought was so neat such as re-organizing your cables with bread tabs and your wires with binder clips.

2. Read the manual for that thing you have.

Everyone has that one gadget that they know can do more than what they can get it to do. So, instead of wasting your precious moments of downtime doing nothing, why not pick up the manual to your newest toy and familiarize yourself with all the things you didn’t know it could do. If you don’t have the manual, use the Internet to learn some unexpected features. Learn how to automate most of the actions on your Android or shut of that annoying auto-correct on your iPhone. Learning to make the most out of what you have can help speed up your everyday tasks by increasing your efficiency at performing them.

3. Make a tiny, flaming bow and arrow.

You know you loved the way that girl in The Hunger Games kicked serious butt with her impressive archery skills. Why not try it out for yourself? This two-minute video provides instructions on how to do just that, but bonus! the end result is actually small enough to be played with in your average backyard. Now you can re-enact your favorite scene from Braveheart. Just don’t set your kilt on fire.

4. Make a lightercycle.

Almost every household has used lighters sitting around. Get creative with those dead fire-starters and turn them into steam-punk motorcycles instead. At the very least, you’ll get your creative juices flowing and have something cool to show off to your friends.

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