Ex-Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, or “Jetman” as he is now often referred to as,  is quite possibly the luckiest man alive. By strapping himself to a carbon fiber, kevlar-reinforced wing with four small jet engines by his own design, Yves experiences something most (if not all) of us ground dwellers have only ever dreamt of : Soaring the skies like an eagle. The Jetman apparatus, which is lacking steering modules of any kind, is completely controlled by Yves’ body with intuitive body positioning. For example, if he arches his back and pulls his head up as if he were looking up, he climbs. Inversely, when he tilts his head down, he is able to dive (with speeds reaching 190 mph). On various occasions he has even flown in formation (rolls, aerobatics and all) with different kinds of aircraft on different occasions such as a Boeing B-17,  a Douglas DC-3, an English Spitfire, as well as a team of Breitling jets. With enough fuel to stay in flight for about 10 minutes, Yves has crossed the English Channel and on one occasion, has even landed inside our very own Grand Canyon. He approaches his work with an almost childlike enthusiasm (understandable so), just listen to him speak about it on his Ted Talk segment found below.

I mean really, c’mon! How long have we all been clamoring for jetpacks? If you really want to learn more about the intriguing Yves and his incredibly soaring contraption, found here is a great read posted by, about this historical moment in human flight with photos and video that you absolutely must see with your own two eyes.

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