Traveling is fun. Waiting for your belongings to finally appear at the baggage claim after a long, international flight? Eh…not so much. In fact, it’s pretty dreadful. In many Japanese airports however, the conveyor systems that you would normally be expecting to be populated with the various luggage owned by fellow travelers is also inhabited by something else: greetings in the form of sculpted advertisements riding alongside your eagerly awaited luggage. Yup, that’s right. Thought advertising above urinals in restrooms at bars was the epitome of marketing genius? Think again. With themes differing and ranging from animal life found in local zoos and aquariums to mouth watering cuisine and produce native to each area, these adorable little sculptures advertise places, services and products that might be found attractive to tourists and travelers looking to experience the best each area has to offer. For example, Nagasaki, an area in Japan known for it’s mikan oranges and loquats display cutesy-cartoony looking fruitsĀ sitting atop plates proclaiming that once you eat just one, you’ll fall in love, while in another airport in Miyasaki, an area known for being a top beef producer carousels yup, you named it, a big ol’ sculpted slab of fake beef. Found here in a well illustrated post is a collection of some of the various forms of advertising sculpture likely to be found rotating and spinning around on conveyor belts in baggage claim terminals all over Japan.

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