It’s Almost 2015, And Hoverboards Are Not As Far As You May Think


When Marty McFly stepped foot on his now famously lauded hoverboard, the year was 2015, which is less than 12 months away. However, when Back to the Future was released in 1985, 2015 was as far from them as 2044 is from us now. To most, 30 years represents an infinite number of possibilities for change and progress. Take into account all the advances that took place from from 1970 to 2000 and it’s clear; in 30 years’ time, the entire world can change.

So now we stand on the dawn of 2014, one short year away from the fateful year of the hoverboard, and the good news is, we may be getting close to hovering thanks to some Japanese students and scientist. That’s because for the last year, scientists and sound engineers from The University of Tokyo, the Nagoya Institute of Technology and Sony SCL have been perfecting methods of Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation.

In a video posted on New Years Eve, they finally shared with the world, just what they have been doing, and the results are absolutely jaw-dropping. By using the wave-like qualities of sound, they have been able to generate special frequencies that essentially allow various materials to levitate in the air. Watch the video below, then join us in holding our breaths for this year’s holiday toy announcements. It may be the first year that we see adults flock to toy stores to buy something for themselves.




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